Rabbi David Siff

Rabbi David Siff graduated from JTS in 2006, where he also completed his Ph.D on Rebbe Nahman of Breslav. He has worked as both a pulpit rabbi and chaplain, and is coming to Gan Eden from Temple Torat Emet in Boynton Beach. He is a member of Ohalah, the association for Renewal rabbis, and teaches in the Aleph Ordination Program, a program that trains renewal rabbis. He loves playing guitar, teaching through drama and arts, and biking. He lives in Boynton Beach with his wife, Tanya, and their 3 children, Hannah (10), Daniel (6), and Aliza (4).

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Please contact the Rabbi directly for all life cycle events such as funerals, weddings, and baby namings. Please do not contact him for synagogue events, as he does not have access to ticket and payment information.

Cantor Bobra

Cantor Bobra is Rabbi Nessa’s sister and the youngest daughter of Gan Eden founding parents, Norm and Arlene. Cantor Bobra has served Congregation Gan Eden since 1995. Cantor Bobra received her training from Cantor Samuel Rosenbaum (of blessed memory) of Temple Beth El in Rochester, NY, and was privately ordained in 2002.  Cantor Bobra and Rabbi Nessa’s dream for the musical aspect of Gan Eden services is for the music to move our congregants spirits, and for those of you who know, feel like Camp Ramah.

Rabbi Nessa Bush Chamberlain of Blessed Memory

Rabbi Nessa created Congregation Gan Eden in 1993 to fulfill her dream of leading a congregation in joyous prayer. She studied in Israel and with Rabbi Zalman Shachter Shalomi. Rabbi Nessa left this earth in August, 2001 and continues to lend her angelic spirit to our congregation and watch over us.